Currently industries are struggling to keep staff retention at a high due to a number of reasons. By understanding how our mind works through the basic principles of NLP, it could help keep staff stress levels at a low and improve business performance dramatically. 

With the rise of stress and mental health in recent years, companies need to be more aware of how to accommodate for staff and bring in new techniques and strategies that would support stress management at work. Much of the time, staff are bringing the baggage of their life with them whilst at work, hence this can have a negative impact on their behavior towards our colleagues. Furthermore much of the time in industry, bad decisions often happen because of the way people feel towards their colleagues through simple email communications to the lack of communication. 

NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) can help to understand how our unconscious creates our meaning making process in our minds to think the way we do. NLP concentrates on the HOW as opposed to the WHY and gets instant results by ultimately changing the unconcious mind to be more aligned to our concious state. By simple, yet effective techniques, staff will be able to see things from a new eye, impacting on the way they work with colleagues, their managers and personal life.

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