Do you have an Internal Conflict?

Are you always indecisive? Do you find yourself stuck between two decisions and not sure which of the two choices you should make? Perhaps whether you should stay in your current job or quit and be with your family, but you find that you cannot?! Then you have what is called an ‘internal conflict’.

Internal conflicts are essentially like having two minds inside of you! One mind is pulling you towards one decision and the other is calling you to take a totally opposite decision. But did you know that internal conflicts can have a drastic impact on your health. That’s right. Internal conflicts are one of the most prominent causes of cancer because the mind is in jeopardy. But why?

Think about it for a minute. What are we made of?

Our body matter, like all other things are made of atoms. When you zoom in further, we are essentially made of energy vibrations, you could say we are made of light!

Since our mind is the centre of all choices in our body, when it gets confused, it sends these thoughts (signals/vibrations/light) to our body which in turn create negative signals and affect our health.

Internal conflicts are dangerous and can be exhausting for the mind and body. However using simple NLP techniques can help fix this problem and set your mind free! By using the NLP, it will help you decide which decision you should make, so that you can relax and focus on your dreams.

You have a Choice, you have Only One Life!

Heveine Baban

CEO of Step up with HB

NLP Practitioner, LifeCoach & Hypnotherapist

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