Happy Clients

"Heveine is truely one of a kind, she has such a positive aura and always a smiley face that is healing in itself. I was extremely happy with my first session with Heveine and looking forward to my next!"

Camilla Hillton/ Nurse/ UK

"I approached Heveine because I was lacking confidence in myself, always feeling that I was unworthy to the point it was affecting my job. After my first session, I felt so much more empowered and that I could take on anything and anyone. My limited beliefs have cleared completely."

Ahmed Karim/ Project Manager/ UAE

"I had a lot of past baggage and within one session with Heveine, I understood the reason why for all my fears and anxiety that were dawning on me for years. I had a lot of personal hurt and through Heveine's NLP techniques, they worked like magic. I forgave everyone in my family and felt so much lighter coming out of the session."

Hanan Shamsi/ Student/ Oman

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